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Vitra is dedicated to developing intelligent, inspiring and durable furniture for the office, the home and for public spaces. Developed in Switzerland by applying a diligent design process that brings together the company’s engineering excellence with the creative genius of leading international designers. Following in the tradition of Charles & Ray Eames, who have influenced Vitra’s approach to sustainability and product longevity is central to the company’s core values. This can be seen most clearly in the classical pieces of furniture that have been used for decades, had several owners and have then even ended up as a part of a collection. We are positive that any designer, architect or artist has an Eames Lounge Chair at the top of their Christmas wish list!

Vitra use intense pre-production development and testing where the highest-grade materials are selected and usage simulations are carried out to emulate 15 years of use. Vitra has been at the pinnacle of furniture design and development and remains our most prestigious brand. Kelvin+Co has an extensive display of Vitra products and all our designers are trained Vitra specialists.

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